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We follow the slogan “The customer is alwas right.”

No fear, in our case, it is not just an empty marketing slogan to which we want to lure our customers. You can experience personally how it looks when a barber is the true master of his craft.

Perfect cut and precise shave will be enhanced by a professional approach. We will be happy to advise you with a cut or beard trim that will underline your charisma.

All this in a pleasant environment where we also offer a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including premium brands of rum and whiskey.

Do you prefer classic or premium cosmetics?

Because everyone has different requirements of care about their appearance, as the only barber shop we offer a selection of two categories of cosmetics we use on your beard.

Classic cosmetics

We include certified cosmetics in this category, the quality often outweighs the quality of the cosmetics used in some other barbershops.

Premium cosmetics

As the name itself suggests, it is a selection of the finest cosmetic brands from around the world. You can choose not only according to the needs of your skin but also according to your favorite fragrance.