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The Vrtba Garden – Celebrate 300 year

Together with three other Baroque gardens (Vratislav, Schönborn and Lobkowicz), the Vrtba Garden is situated on the slope of Petřín Hill and is one of the most precious and beautiful of Prague’s Baroque gardens.


The Vrtba Garden is one of the most charming and best-preserved of Prague’s palace gardens. It is a cultural monument registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

If you decide to have your wedding in the ceremonial premises of the Vrtba Garden, you will enjoy your wedding day in a romantic and intimate location in the middle of the busy centre of Prague.

Casus Direct Mail a.s., which has been managing and operating the Vrtba Garden since 1999, organizes weddings in the premises of the Vrtba Garden and Vrtba Palace in cooperation with the Registry Office Department of the Prague 1 City District.

Both civil and church ceremonies can be performed in the Vrtba Garden. In both cases, it is necessary to contact the Registry Office of the Prague 1 City District (Matrika úřadu Městské části Praha 1), Vodičkova 18; for more information, call 221 097 469.

The dates and times of civil ceremonies in the Vrtba Garden are determined by the Registry Office. For church ceremonies, the dates and times are arranged personally with the representative of the garden manager and the parish priest, who must be contacted directly by the engaged couple.

Weddings usually follow one another at 2-hour intervals. A (civil) ceremony usually takes less than 30 minutes and the following hour can be spent by the newly-married couple in taking photographs or making video recordings within the premises of the garden. The newly-married couple and the wedding guests are asked to leave the premises of the garden and the Vrtba Palace no later than 30 minutes before the next ceremony.

Weddings are open to the public by law and the garden never closes to the public during ceremonies.

The conditions and course of civil ceremonies are similar to those at the Old Town Hall (Staroměstská radnice).

The wedding guests must follow the instructions of the garden manager, i.e. act in a proper and orderly manner. It is forbidden to throw rice, confetti, etc. in the garden and the palace yards. 

Weddings are held in the Sala Terrena with a decorated wedding table and 10 decorated chairs for the families of the engaged couple. Other wedding guests remain standing during the ceremony.

We also provide floral decoration of the wedding table. The ceremony includes a toast for the newly-married couple prepared by the garden manager, which is included in the fee for the organization of the wedding ceremony.

Wedding guests are not allowed to give a toast or have any sort of refreshment on their own. A toast for the guests or a wedding cocktail can be organized on the basis of a Contract for Wedding Organization Assistance. Refreshments will be provided only by a contracted catering company.

No music is arranged for the wedding ceremony. It is possible to arrange recorded or live music with the garden manager but this is not included in the fee for the organization of the wedding ceremony. The same applies to the photographer, who is not bound by an exclusivity agreement and can be arranged independently by the wedding organizers. The garden manager is ready to offer advice as regards music and photographers with experience in the premises of the Vrtba Garden and the Vrtba Palace.

The dates and times of weddings in the Vrtba Garden can be also checked and booked directly at the Registry Office of the Prague 1 City District.

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Q History of Vrtba Garden in Prague

The creation of this magnificent palace garden is associated with the construction boom around 1720. The garden was designed by František Maxmilián Kaňka, who first renovated the palace for Jan Josef, Count of Vrtba and then created the garden. Unlike the garden which retained its Baroque style without any significant changes, the Vrtba Palace underwent radical changes during the following centuries. The statue and sculpture decorations were created by Matyáš Bernard Braun. In addition, painter Václav Vavřinec Reiner was involved in the masterpiece. The interior decoration of the Sala Terrena has survived in its original designs until today. The fresco on the vault depicting Venus and Adonis was painted by Václav Vavřinec Reiner. In 1990 - 1998, the Vrtba Garden underwent overall reconstruction, following previous static reinforcement. The renovated garden was opened for public on 3 June 1998. The garden is owned by the City of Prague and managed by Casus Direct Mail a.s.