Esterstyl Engagement & Wedding Rings


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We started working together basically as soon as we met in 1991. For Marek passion for jewelry began in childhood when he made earrings and pendants from apricot pits and tin. He apprenticed to a goldsmith in the Granat cooperative in Turnov. Ester also showed her interest in arts already as a child with a pencil and brush in hand. She graduated from the High school of applied arts in Turnov as a goldsmith-jeweler. Turnov merged our fortunes on the personal and professional level. In 1992 we estabilished a workshop in a small town in Moravia. We were very lucky with our clients


Marek decided to solve the situation by moving to the USA where he worked in a family-run jewelry store in Dallas. Although he did not know much English and beginnings were tough he soon managed to find work for Ester too. Work in the USA was a great experience. We learned new technologies of jewelry making, particularly working with platinum and new ways of diamonds setting. Most importantly we have strengthened the faith in our abilities and skills. After coming back to the Czech Republic in 1999 we started cooperation with a prestigious jewelry store Dusak in Prague. Our cooperation unfortunately ended after a year afer Mr Dusak’s tragical death. This unfortunate event became a milestone in our work.


Since 2000 we have worked together under the brand Esterstyl where Ester comes up with ideas and thoughts and Marek adds technical craftmanship. Our main concern is linking the old jeweler craft with modern technologies (3D printing, microscop enhanced setting of gems which enables high precission even when setting the smallest stones). The stone itself is a challenge for us to create such a jewel that creates a dialogue between man and stone and underlines its uniqueness and beauty. We seek simple and timeless design.

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